Do students have to be a part of the after school program (ASP) to be part of the TAKE ACTION Leadership Campaign?

Not initially, however because the TAC is run through the after school programs, once a student joins the campaign they join the ASP.

How much does it cost to students?

The activities that are part of the TAC are always free for students.

Is there an application process for the leadership council?

Each school has its own organizational process and protocol in the management of its TAC leadership council, but all leadership councils are open to any and all students who have the desire to participate

What is required of the students who participate in the TAC?

There are many ways to participate in the TAC. One way is to join the TAC Leadership council where students plan and execute Civic Events and Service Learning projects on their campus. These students are also the students who attend TOTs, training retreats and the various camping trips. Student performers and artists who perform or submit work in the Arts Competitions and at SoS are also considered TAC participants.

Do teachers participate?

There are ample opportunities for teachers who want to support and participate in the TAC. CyberPatriot, for example, requires a coach for the school's teams providing the perfect opening for an on campus teacher. Teachers should also be invited to all on campus events so they can see the wonderful work their students are doing for the TAC during their Out of School Time (OST) Program.

Are parents allowed to serve as chaperones during field trips?

While parent support is crucial to students' academic success overall as well as in their TAC involvement, TAC events do not require parent chaperones. Chaperones include BTB staff, ASP staff and in the case of overnight trips, at least one certificated teacher. A 20:1 student to chaperone ratio is strictly adhered to on every TAC trip.

What curriculum do you use to teach leadership?

We have designed a series of over 100 lessons each about 1.5 hours long that our staff use to teach the students concrete leadership skills both at the school sites and on leadership retreats.

How is the campaign funded?

BTB uses 21st Century Learning Center grants to contract with after school providers. Part of this funding is applied to the cost of the campaign at participating sites. The District supplements that with anti-tobacco funding from TUPE. Further BTB and the TAC Steering Committee continuously raise awareness of the work you and your students do, highlighting the ongoing success of the campaign. This is an ongoing effort to bring in additional dollars from the private sector.

Can new schools, cities or youth groups join?

Yes, the TAC took its first steps toward expansion in San Diego this past year with close to 200 students joining us as guests at SoS and some of their Media Artists being featured in the screening room at Paramount along with the LA students. Long Beach and San Bernardino have been guests at SoS the past two years. San Bernardino has even held arts competitions of their own and hope to showcase their students at SoS in coming years. The Steering Committee looks forward to expanding the concept to other school districts and cities.

Who are the members of the 2012-2013 collaborative effort?

The TAC is fortunate to count on the support of many Community Partners and Supporters that help throughout the year in various capacities. Below you will find a list of the members of the collaborative effort that sit on Steering Committee, as well as participate in the various TAC planning and funding meetings:

  • arc
  • Beyond the Bell
  • C5LA
  • Celebrity High Magazine
  • CyberPatriot
  • EduCare Founation
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • !Mpact People
  • TLC MediaWorks Inc.
  • TUPE